Monday, 31 October 2011

Delta Sleep - Sweet Music

I found this video on the BandCamp Site  (pretty sure that's where it was) and thought of you!

more links like these

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

KINO - A film 100 minute, Arthouse/Thriller, A Film by Marco Zaffno

KINO - 100 minute
A Film
by Marco Zaffino.
For media Pack Synopsis/Cast/Crew etc: CLICK HERE
(Awarded 'Golden Kahuna at the Honolulu IFF 2010 for excellence in filmmaking'.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

MindPop #8 1/2 - A clip from 8 1/2 by FELLINI

I don't know if I can quite express how much I love 8 1/2 and La Dolce Vita. Such elegence, self consicous truth-making-film of that time and also such self-criticism of the idea in itself.
Fellini a major influence to great filmmakers of the future David Lynch, Baz Luhrmann, Terry Gilliam etc etc Me! :-) just ran rampant, brave in his artistic expression while creating characters and story of the era. The story of cool, of paparazzi (In fact I think the name was coined in the film La Dolce Vita) and fame, of art versus entertainment, truth versus fantasy while somehow blending all the above! A Fucking amazing feet!
The Coolest M.F. in film and a major reason why I make films. This is my favourite film of all time.
Love love

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Mind Pop #5 Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning & MIND POP #6 with Finn and the Tao

Mind Pop #5

Mind Pop #6
Someimtes I think about Nothing, is that ok Finn said just before bed and we had a talk about the space between planets and the Tao! I was so proud of his thoughts about nothing!!!

Saturday, 15 October 2011


First Tuesday - Made In Huddersfield (Punk... by Saklas

More Huddersfield cool shit!!!

I think Mike Shrimpton who helped me in The Veranda (my debut film) was cameraman in this historic Punk video!! ) How fucking cool is that!!! But I'm not certain ...

MZ :-)

Laura Marling - SOPHIA just gorgeous!!!

When I heard this I thought I was listening to Marianne Faithful for a moment then when I heard it was contemporary then when I heard It was Laura Marling I was so happy! What a gem!!!


Yeah YEah Yeahs - Modern Romance


Why I surf by Donavon Frankenreiter

After Mc Ds I had to look at waves. Here's a lovely Why I surf by Donavon Frankenreiter

Lovely MZ :)

McDonalds in the Hudd

Just found this on Nik T's FB... The amount of times I was stopped coming out of tescos for this.!! Kind of cool though I think seeing big cameras in the hudd for a time !! Although as the previous post on nutrition says, I'm not a big fan!


Friday, 14 October 2011

A Moment that made my mind Pop #4 - Fear and Loathing

p.45'Then you hear yourself mumbling: "Dogs fucked the Pope, no fault of mine. Watch out! . . . Why money? My name is Brinks; I was born . . . born? Get sheep over side . . . women and children to armored car . . . orders from Captain Zeep." '

Hunter S. Thomson . . . Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Flamingo Modern Classic

The rhythms in this writing, the flow of that brain! Fuck!
XM :-)


I just wanted to say how cool it was to bump into Robin (Goodswen) (of GOCOOKYOURSEF Fame)
A blog and service of brilliance and the attitude of Hero! A cooking Hero with down to earth, stylish evreyperson cuisine.

This blog will be huge

MZ :-)

A Starling

To stop it being perfect, a feather stuck out from below the star strewn browns and greens. Its just a fucking Starling but disguised beneathe the taudry normality of this bird is the supersensory, dazzling grandeur of a whole hidden universe! And it can fucking fly!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Gregs, KFC, Burger King, McDonalds, Take Away, URL Links for Nutritional Value - MIND WENT POP #3

I used to well Fruit Veg, Good meat good cooking but I also would have a gregs steak back, a baguette, and a cream cake before lunch!! I think I was killing myself pretty quickly! (Actually my doc said something similar-For rEAL)
Not to mention the other take aways, Curries KFCs... Scary man!!!


Guides for Nutrition and DAILY Guidelines


Gregs Nutrition

Burger King


Moments That Made my Mind Pop #2 - Pulp Fiction

I remember going to watch Pulp Fiction, in what now seems to be the most recent golden age in popular cinema that was still able to re-write the history of filmmaking.

I went to see this film with my now wife and I had chills throughout watching the movie and a headache for 48 hours after because of the intensity and the release and the intensity and the release.

(becki did laugh at the Ketchup joke as the tension of the whole overdose story came to some peace and some fuckwit went ha ha ha sarcastically in front of her!
My mind did pop!

I want these to be short and sharp so I'll stop there with the shiny LA imagery, the wonderful script, the glorious perm and the picking up of brain from the back of a car, reminding me about what film can be :-)


Moments That Made my Mind Pop #1

"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving
     histerical naked,"

a quote from Allen Ginsberg 1947-1995
Penguin 2001

read the rest of this poem by a man who dug it the most! Prophecy and Power in these words!
MZ xx

Monday, 10 October 2011

Coffeev, Huddersfield

Many years ago I am proud to say I saw Jez and Jim setting up a new coffee shop. Before which there was only the original Blue Rooms and after them The Mocca Stop which was situated across from the railway station where the Italian (ish) restaurant resides now. (is it ciao Bella?) Well the blue rooms espresso at the time was like filter coffee and although at the age of 17 this was an amazing bohemian place to dwell a while it went down and down and unfortunately the mocca stop just failed for lack of business nouse. Then I smelled the on coming of a new age and there it was. I knocked on the door and I was told by the Coffeev Owners that they were opening soon. If I walked around the block by the time I returned the coffee machine should be ready. I was really excited. Somehow knowing how I needed coffee to work and an atmosphere that added to ideas. It was actually exciting to know this place was here. Huddersfield had a base for ideas. Jim actually brought a massive dictionary in once describing his notion of what a coffee shop should be. 'Coffeehouse' and its definition being the bohemian home for ideas, and artistic beginnings! Not many coffeeshops begin like this! Isn't that great?! When I returned after my walk around the block in the grey morning, I think I had the first espresso served here.

Well today, as I like to write about my coffee stops I thought it time to write about the best Independent Coffee Shop I've been in. I went in today to write abit of a new novel about an Adolescent Minotaur. I have in the past done much storyboarding and script writing in the old Coffeev and in the new one. I have sadly not gone in as much as I used to lately because of the great thing about here. I know too many beautiful people here andso I don't have the right mind to work. It is sad that I have let the atmosphere become more of a reminiscence rather than a constant experience but I can't work too well here. Andso I wanted to say here how great a place it still is.

Served a double espresso and iced glass of water by James today was second to none. Perfect crema and a strong espresso that held everything together in a perfect cup.. A rainy day writing about deserts and Minotaurs to a perfect coffee made by a top bloke. His brother next to him Jeremy, funny, erudite and a Barista Viola genius! A gorgeous experience as always!

So sorry I cant frequent as much as I used to because I am obsessive work wanker but a little statement here to say how much I love the place!

God Bless