Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ginsberg reading HOWL!!!!!

(How do we feel when such words and thoughts...)

Kerouac reading to the Beat of his Beat! .... Sigh!!!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sylvia Plath reads 'Daddy'

Sylvia oh Sylvia!!!

Amazing xxmz

James Joyce reading from Finnegans Wake

.. The Great voice of James Joyce reading from Finnegans Wake .. I only ever got to page 130ish but one day I'll try again... A little more tricky than Ulysses and that was a fucker. Amazing but a fucker!

What a voice and mind!
mZ xx

David Belle Parkour Free Running Daemon! Amazing (Love these guys!)

David Belle here Jumping like a daemon. Incredible!


Huddersfield Indoor Market

Old Market Hall, huddersfield, Yorkshire England

I was in the Indoor Market in Huddersfield off the Piazza yesterday with Becki and Indigo and we were looking for wool and possibly some fruit and some sweets to fill our advent calendar. Shame on me I had never looked up from the dreary lighting, the shop stalls and my shuffling feet. Okay so I looked up and the photograph below taken on a phone just depicts, very badly what wonderful stuff happens when you look up.

     This is always more obvious on the High Street when shop fronts are there to advertise brands and logos and forgetting the brilliant architecture above is common place but looking up is somehow done more ofter. However I looked up for the first time in 38 years and see something that should be in the Barbican, or amongst the concrete structures on the South Bank in London, next to the Haywood Gallery, In York, where a wonderful cafe might reside next to a Cinema. This structure could house something of absolute brilliance. And a market could be this. Huddersfield Markets are amazing, the second hand market on Tuesday for example would again be a revelation in London Town! Back to the Market... this building with imagination could be a market, it could be a theatre, a festival environment, a spacious place for light and culture alongside the tradition and pride of working class in Huddersfield giving outlets current to our population.

     The imagination which is my biggest bug bear in life at present is diminishing the longer things go on. The negative comments about this building are abundant and that is because it is so badly decked out. This place could be amazing, this place could be akin to the National Theatre, a place to rest and think (Oh no don't waste space in place to think sorry) A place to sell things aswell!!! The ideas could be massive and expansive and the building is there ready to be developed! No new build necessary! Just a gutting and then some thought!


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Free Running - Parkour - Eastern Euro-Style

Once this gets going its breath taking at times:
This East European Run has a different vibe to other vids I've seen


Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Gaps (Sneak Preview)

I'm not showing you the site of the new project but just check out the first 2 scenes if you wish to 'The Gaps' Very proud of my boys acting! Watch out for scary bit!! :-)

Going to be a cool show eventually