Saturday, 27 August 2011


Typing by a reading light in a bell tent as my two children talk about being best friends and Finn (6 years old) tell Indigo his little sister (3 years old) that he'll always look after her. Wow there were tears in my eyes. Now Indie is talking to me later than she normally stays up, tucked up tightly in her sleeping bag and playing with a mini wind up torch.. Becki my wife is walking round the bell tent at about 9.30 in the pitch black taking fotos of the surroundings.. Maybe its not pitch black .. God this is beautiful. We have a portable stove now and the possibilities for family travels are beginning to really sound exciting. I think a coastal journey beckons... Anyway a little blog or journal as we chat and swipe a daddy leg from my phone lit face.. Becki just called it a mummy long legs! Perfect. Now to sleep or read or something ready for tomorrow at the beach maybe a little more north!
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