Monday, 29 August 2011

next Project

In between major projects it always feels hard to focus on one. The large projects that are all simmering at the moment and vying for attention are sorting out draft 2 of MASANAGA a feature screenplay, a screenplay for Pure Bred Chihuahua #1 then two Novels Pure Bred Chihuahua #2 and I think the favourite is The Adolescent Minotaur another novel and while these are written and vying, THE GAPS an experimental feature is being filmed and slowly edited. I THINK I NEED TO FOCUS ON... The Adolescent Minotaur (check the spelling too) and leave the others until they need attention... Although i'll probably have the others continuing at 2 or 3% speed while the novel kicks off on hand written notepads... Then I'll need a change and one of the others may kick in... So espresso and thoughts on the Minotaur ...
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