Thursday, 18 August 2011

DO we have to think now?

Quite odd thinking about thinking and the notions of revolutionary thinking and why the great, more transgressive literature seems to be stemmed by the great fears of terrorism and now thuggish non thoughtful riots that hold again fears of revolution by a mainly a-political point of view.
And so the more playful yet darkly hitting works critical of the norm, the status quo and materiality are more and more in the background and as it crosses my mind maybe the writers are even having to think before this very free flow writing is expressed and published. What might the work ensue or glamourize, if say made into a film and then seen by a wider audience? Accountabilty and transparency being the political buzz words at the moment as the world becomes more and more fearful over economic disasters and human corruption and the globalisation of all nations... moral fundamentalism is coming to the fore and religious fundamentalism and dogma is so particular and insular their answers are increasingly unusful but for those involved in their cause and their followers.
Radical thoughts for a freer, cooler, more kind society that is usually described by embittered pissed off dryly sarcastic usually wonderful authors who wish they'd been around when Easy Rider was made or that they were in at least one Kerouac truck or railway carriage, sit and write, and now do we have to actually think about what we say with an accountability in mind.? What an awful thought but I feel an atmosphere where any rockng of a boat might actually make it tip. So unstable and thoughtless have we become? Just a question really as I blab on... Argh big brother on channel 5 is starting!
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